Forest Challenge

The Magic of ParcoursO will connect your child with high quality physical activity and mental challenges over a series of great days out (in Wales).  

We spent two decades examining the generally ignored small data that influences a child’s choice on how they engage in physical activity.  Understanding small data leads to big change (Pasi Sahlberg), in context here with levels of perceived capabilities (‘self-efficacy’ Bandura, 1997)

Perceptions of self-efficacy can increase or decrease, so making the right choice, or having the opportunity to make the right choice, is crucial.  Sometimes the decision is out of his or her hands, and so managing to cope with choices made for him or her may demand patience and understanding.     

Pedago will introduce your child and family to each ParcoursO Forest challenge through his faithful team: Lingu, Logi, Spatia, Cordino, Musica, Inter-tra, and Natura. They will help your child connect with the powers of the forest so they can Master each challenge, building up confidence as they go.  Mastery is the child’s treasure found through the Magic of ParcoursO.